Licensing RY Manual, Tools, and Case Management Software through the University of Virginia

The Licensing and Venture Group (LVG) at the University of Virginia has recently created an e-commerce site that will enable us to license the RY materials to individuals and agencies within the broader community. The package that will be licensed at this time will include:

The Virginia RY Manual (PDF)

The original manual includes Virginia law regarding juvenile incompetence with reference to relevant standards by the US Supreme Court. The manual can be edited upon request to address juvenile statutes in other states throughout the country.

The 13 chapters include:

  1. Mission and core values
  2. Legal basis of adjudicative competence
  3. Time sensitivity to the needs of youth
  4. The community-based model
  5. Competency evaluations and intervention strategies
  6. Individual restoration case management
  7. Restoration tools for children and adolescents
  8. Overcoming challenges through problem-solving
  9. The importance of the dyadic relationship
  10. The emerging basis of evidence-based practice

CD of DJ and Alicia

The interactive remediation tool is made up of 24 individual lessons, which use a narrative of a 15-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl who become involved in a criminal act and are required to navigate their way through an adjudication in juvenile court and a plea negotiation in criminal court. The CD is designed for youth of various stages and does not require any specific reading level as all interactions are conveyed through animation, and responses are entered by the juvenile by clicking and dragging of the computer or tablet. The content of the program covers all of the factual information relevant to adjudicative competency and allows to explain their choices regarding the strategy they indicated for the main characters and to also apply to legal constructs being presented to their own situation. 

English Flashcards

The flashcards written in English cover 40 key legal constructs using the images that match to the characters presented in DJ and Alicia.

Spanish Flashcards

The flashcards written in Spanish cover 40 key legal constructs using the images that match to the characters presented in DJ and Alicia.

The Juvenile/Criminal Visual Board

The laminated cardboard page contains the image of the juvenile court on one side and the image of a criminal court on the other side.

Remediation Case Management Software

The case management software is currently being transferred from a proprietary platform to Salesforce which provides full accessibility on mobile devices. The remediation case management software will be included at no additional charge if the user agrees to submit data to a central repository that will be housed at the University of Virginia. All data will be made available upon request to any credible researcher who wishes to conduct research and publicize findings in professional journals.

Licensing Information

The license will give access to new materials of the same program version purchased as they are developed.

Single user cost: $1,995.00

Agency, program, county: $9,950.00

States: Pricing upon request


For more information about obtaining a license of the RY materials, please contact:

Heather Bansbach


Heather M. Bansbach, PhD
Licensing Associate
Licensing and Venture Group (LVG)

[email protected]

For more information, please contact Janet I. Warren, DSW, Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, Institute of Psychiatry and Public Policy, University of Virginia, [email protected], or 434-924–8305.